Sa r3 keycaps

Sa r3 keycaps

Buy me a coffee. In the winter of I decided that building a complete set of accurate SA profile keycaps to share with the community would be a worthy endeavor. Being relatively new to the hobby, I had no SA caps on which to base my designs. I got straight to work designing an R3 U keycap. In the mean time, I had been developing the Switchcracker and when it went on sale I was absolutely flooded with orders overnight.

Struggling to keep up with demand, the keycap project went on the back burner. There it stayed as my small business began to grow. About a year later, just as things were finally calming down and I was about to resume work on the keycaps, it was my small family that was starting to grow!

Needless to say, keycaps were again relegated to the shelf.

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Finally, in the winter ofI dusted off my files. With some fresh perspective, I reworked the designs a bit, making the keycaps easier to propagate into multiple widths. At first I decided I'd like to match the full set of key sizes as manufactured by Signature Plastics. However, I soon came to realize that it would probably be more useful to the community if I exceeded that, so that boards could be built in configurations not achievable with SA's offerings.

So, after many, many hours of work I am thrilled to finally share these designs. Below you will find a file for every size keycaps SP offers, as well as a few they never did.

It's my hope that these will help inspire more custom DIY builds, especially now that SLA printing is becoming so affordable. If you find these files useful, please consider buying me a coffee. SA Profile Keycap Models.Cart 0. Back Keycaps Other Products. Back Instagram Feed Reddit.

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Quick View. B-Stock Aweigh! Various Colorways from Red Rocket Ankura with keychain! Atlantis Aweigh! Belize Breeze Gulp Sale Price: Pulson SA R1 Blank Hazmat SA R1 Blank Hazmat Roz SA R1 Industrialization Ankura Skyfall Ankura Colorblind Cherry Roz Sale Price: Deserted Storm Roz Jack-o Gulp Goooooooold Gulp Moon Salt Halvar Black Attack Gulp Single Cherry MX key.

Row 3 1x1 unit keycap. Green color zone represents R3 1x1 key size.

sa r3 keycaps

Designed for non-backlight mechanical keyboard. Stealth blank key cap without any print. ABS Material color keycap. Polycarbonate Material translucent keycap.

sa r3 keycaps

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SA Granite Keycap Set

Menu Products Peripherals. Cherry MX Keycaps.Note: If you would like to see the full content including product links and example images, please disable your adblocker. This website does NOT contain any annoying pop-ups or banner ads that would disrupt your reading and the only thing adblock is removing are linked example images and it will prevent you from seeing the full content.

Thank you! When choosing the perfect keycap set, an important customization option to consider is the keycap profile you intend on using. Hopefully it will serve as a good go-to keycap profile guide for anyone looking to customize their keyboard!

sa r3 keycaps

A keycap profile describes the shape of the keycaps on a given row of a keyboard. Hopefully with this overview, you will be able to decide on which keycap sets to try out. Personally, I have found that the sculpted keycap sets to be easier to type on since it is easier to feel where your fingers are on the board if the heights vary.

Before we go straight in to the details on specific keycap profiles, I want to go over a couple main points of comparison. Please use this table to skip around if you need to:. As you can see, the difference between a flat profile and common profile is drastic and does have a noticeable impact on how you type.

While the above two profiles are examples of sculpted vs. High profile keycaps are simply taller than medium profile. In terms of practicality, a lot of fellow keebnerds agree that SA and other high profiles are difficult to type on and definitely take some getting used to.

Even though the profile may be a bit more difficult to type on, the SA profile provides a vintage look and unique sound with each keystroke that are responsible for its die-hard fans. There are also low profile keycap sets however in the custom mechanical keyboard hobby, they are a lot less common. Spherical or Cylindrical describes the actual shape of the top of the keycap where your fingers, claws, toes, whatevers, come in contact with the keycap. Although they have an impact on how the keycaps feel, they are typically less of a deciding factor as the other aspects of the keyset.

This can be seen in the comparison below. Although the photos show the keycaps from a side-view, you can see that there is a curve in all directions in the SA profile while the DCS profile is flat.One reviewer raves about SA Ice Cap:. Fantastic feel. Each key has a very satisfying "thud" after being pressed. I like keys with a little weight under them. In my experience most PBT keycaps have a slight porous texture, almost like a fine pumice.

These do not feel that way.

SA Fluffy Clouds

They are much smoother than I am used to and I like them. Best set I own to date. The Alternate Kit is now available with either Text or Icon keys. The mono legends in the Ortholinear Kit number row have been replaced with dual legends.

Mono legends are still available in the base kit at the same price and upon special request. Please specify in the notes section if you would prefer mono legends. SA 7 unit space bars in WAN can be purchased separately. Individual keys can be purchased if they are already part of a set pictured above. You can purchase individual keys by selecting the individual key option from the drop down menu and the putting the description of the key you want to purchase in the order comments section at checkout this is a box below the shipping address form.

If the key you are requesting is not in inventory, your money will be refunded. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Showing reviews of 48 Next. They are very clean and the printing is clear and they fit snug - absolutely perfect.

Posted by Prima Yogi Loviniltra on Oct 1st I addicted to SA PBT because of this and it really great how it feels, sound, material and the colour can match into any case colour. Posted by Matthew Dunphy on Apr 10th At first I was worried these would look bland on my keyboard, but they look sharp and the pure white has its own classy feel to it.

sa r3 keycaps

The quality is unmatched. PBT in SA profile is a killer combination. Nice and thick, good quality. Haven't had it for very long though so i can't say how long these will last before they start to shine, that shouldn't too bad on these cause they are white so it won't show as much when they do inevitably do shine. I really really like these. I know it's been stated in another review, but I wanted to emphasize the silky softness of these caps.

Plain white wasn't my first choice for a color but once I started using these, I wouldn't change them at all. They feel incredible.Mech Keys Product News.

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Oct 29, I'd love to see some kinda 'make your own XDA keycap set' thing because tbh I'd rather have my own set. Dec 9, Dec 4, Would love some nice Hangul keycaps, but I guess I'll have to stick to the force awakens Mech Keys Moderator. Dec 12, Wow, I haven't played MTG since Urza block stopped collecting when Mirrodin block ended too, I feel old - that card's art is fantastic!

I love those type of lands, I've always wanted to get back into MTG but it's too much of an investment and the meta's shifted so far out from what I'm comfortable with that it'd be a heavy time sink too.

Lovely card and mat! Mar 23, That would be so nice! Dec 3, Make them about 3 inches taller. People seem to like that.

Tealios V2 GMK \u0026 SA Keycaps Typing Comparison

Add another 3 inches. Dec 6, Yep I'm using the inch keycaps right now.Please check the Weekly Update page for an updated status. Granite is an iconic keycap design by matt3o with clean, crisp dye sublimated legends and bright color accents.

A few changes have been made to the set to optimize manufacturing.

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To make the set more friendly to beginning enthusiasts we have also adjusted the Base Kit s and Ortho Kits to be much simpler and more affordable.

Granite is a mega-keycap set - it offers coverage over a wide variety of both common and enthusiast mechanical keyboards. If you are looking for a consistent aesthetic that you will be able to use around the world with all of your keyboards, SA Granite is the ultimate set. If you're a fan of Tux, Firefly, matt3o, or practically any geeky topic on the internet, the Bonus Pack will give you the special keycap of your dreams.

If you want to make sure that your mechanical keyboard has the proper Command key, this is the set to pick. For some interesting history of how this shape became associated with Apple's brand, check out this origin story.

Includes non-homing F and J. Customer Reviews No reviews yet Write a review. Added to your cart:. Cart subtotal.

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