Harry potter joins shield fanfiction

Harry potter joins shield fanfiction

He is unaware of the events that are taking hold. Harry yawned as he woke up from his nap. The plane that was taking him to the Middle East was starting to rock as it began to descend to the airport. Harry could have taken an international portkey instead of travelling like a muggle, but he was in no hurry and he didn't want to raise any suspicion about his arrival. The day when he defeated the Dark Lord Voldemort and restored peace to the magical world.

He was the hero and youngest bachelor alive. He was surprise when Draco announce he was getting married to Astoria Greengrass and even more surprise when Draco had asked Harry to be his best man.

The newly wed wife pointed to the back of the Leaky Cauldron where Draco was drinking. The years apparently had been kind to him as he look far better than he did at the Battle of Hogwarts. While not the greatest of friends, Hannah still stood up for Harry during the times when Voldemort was at large. She was also the wife of his best friend Neville Longbottom who just got promoted to Head of the Aurors at the Ministry of Magic.

Draco looked up and seemed to be nervous.

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We never did see eye to eye during Hogwarts. Most of it was due to my selfish beliefs. I am also indebt to you as you saved my parents and myself from serving time in Azkaban. However, I'm here to ask you for a favor. He gave a hiccup telling Harry he's been drinking for a while.

And too the youngest Greengrass no less?

harry potter joins shield fanfiction

I wasn't aware you knew her. She was also the first to accept my public apologizes for my crimes. I don't think she never forgot them but I even more surprise she accepted. However I want you to attend our wedding. It would do well to show the public the Malfoy's have changed their colors.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

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harry potter joins shield fanfiction

Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words This May be longer than a one shot, but I am posting stories as I write them, since I have precious little time anymore.

There may or may not be more of this coming, I honestly don't know. Every year Harry finds a fairy lights under his Christmas tree. Every year Clint finds a gift wrapped, hand knitted clothing item on his table. Hermoine Granger-Weasley is in her element with a giant whiteboard.

Teddy Lupin just wants to help and Victoire just wants her boyfriend to stop disrespecting Professor Malfoy. Meanwhile, Peter Quill is trying his hardest to save the galaxy without setting foot on the hunk of rock he was born on. And as if that wasn't hard enough, now he has to stop his whole crew fawning over some random space hunk. To dash any hopes she has, he grabs the first guy he sees and hopes he plays along. Clint knew that something didn't add up with Harry. And, to be honest, he didn't care.

But all the way through their life together Clint felt like he was piecing the jigsaw together but without knowing what picture he was making. AKA - 5 times Clint uncovered some of the mystery and 1 time Harry said screw it to the statute of secrecy. And they would not go down without a fight.

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Clint Barton turns his hand to international diplomacy and hates it just as much as he thought he would.

Harry has a plan. No one else likes his plan. Girl get reincarnated into marvel universe where she not only meets the avengers but is in England with harry and watches over him basically raising him even though girl is a child who is also abuse.

She makes is her life work to find harry father while protecting him from the abuse he suffers from the Dursley. She put up a strong front but she scared and she uses her skills to help harry have a better life saving him but who is there to save her as she suffers in his place???

Harmony Potter is about to have the summer vacation of her life in Malibu, California.I will be going by the MCU wikis timelines. I would also like to thankyour transcripts are an immense help.

Harry had made an excellent choice in requesting this assignment! He was left alone with a magical artifact and was granted complete freedom by Fury to study and contain it. Harry could already manipulate storms and saw no reason to study that ability, beyond means of controlling uncommon aspects of weather such as in space But for now, he had to confiscate a very beautiful scientists research and equipment His least favorite part of the spy gig: leaving women heartbroken when his mission was complete.

harry potter joins shield fanfiction

I understand that this is hard for you, but we are not certain of how great a threat this is and must investigate it Unfortunately for you, that means we need your work to assure that no one dies.

We're on the verge of understanding something extraordinary.

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Harry just walked away, while thinking of how to draw more power or knowledge from the weapon or transfer it into others. An army of super-soldiers with greater than human strength would help SHIELD remain strong and keep the peace, and Harry had already attained immense physical capabilities and currently saw no need for more. Harry sensed a rather large magical power as they returned to base, though he could sense that it was also heavily weakened. Harry revealed himself and ordered his agents to take him into custody before becoming lost in thought Harry went to the holding cell, eager to question a deity and perhaps pry information from his mind.

It would require further study, but Harry was confident that his time here would be fruitful. Even if you did break free, you would just get your ass kicked. Yes, I dare mock you and your idiot brother. Loki tried stabbing Harry, but had his wrists crushed for his daring and was then knocked into a wall and into unconsciousness by a punch from Harry. Harry had been aware of the existence of pantheons such as the Asgardians and Olympians, and some magicals still drew upon their powers for spells, and Harry had undertaken rituals to help himself get on their level.

Sacrificing Giants helped greatly with that, but Harry was no threat to God-heads or even moderately powerful deities at his current level. That said, Harry still intended to continuing growing in power and skill He quickly sifted through Loki's now vulnerable mind and learned quite a bit of useful information, although Harry had already acquired greater skill in illusions than Loki, his skills in hypnosis would prove useful to Harry.

Harry removed Thor and Loki's memories of his mental invasion, and revived and healed Loki. Now Harry would study this Odinforce that their father seemed to possess in abundance. From his invasion, he had learned that it was the combined power of Odin himself and his brothers, and by that logic it should merely be a question of how much power does Harry need to gain to replicate it's powers. The rest would be a question of experience and discovering how to properly use such power.

Harry began analyzing the Odinforce, hoping to accelerate his growth in power and skill, but knowing that it would likely take him a very long time to even get close to such an immense level of power And that was with training under Time Compression. Oh it would greatly reduce the time needed, but it would still require herculean effort on Harry's part.

This should be interesting, then. Harry followed Sitwell to the security room. You haven't been sneaking women in to relieve stress have you? Although if you can get Romanoff here, I'd take a break. She's exactly the kinda girl I want to date, and I know she can satisfy me from past experience.

I had sex with her until we both couldn't. Sex might not be a foundation for a stable relationship, but it made me willing to build a foundation for one. Harry scanned his surface thoughts to discover his plot.They had been expecting the worst: another other-worldly being, an experiment gone wrong What they did find however, was a scrawny teenager of five foot eight with glasses held together by tape.

The Spirit of Vengeance: A Harry Potter Fanfic

He sat in the middle of the ruins of an old castle, looking at his surroundings with a wistful expression. Would you please explain how you got here? SHIELD agents approached him from all sides, holding their guns up, ready to shoot the unknown figure. The teenager took one look at the guns around him and sighed.

He gave Coulson a mournful look. I came here for peace. Don't come looking for me. That crack was quickly followed by six gunshots into the spot he just vacated and a couple of swear words. When a muffled yes came from a distance Coulson smiled. Let Fury know another super-human being has been spotted in Scotland with the ability to teleport and possible other abilities as well.

He won't be pleased that we lost him. The agents quickly went to work, comparing his picture to every thing online and within government agencies. The only thing is that the man is currently 34 years old but his picture as a teenager is a direct match.

Plus Dr.

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Potter shows no sign of super-human ability now or 17 years ago. He says he wants peace and we'll see if he is true to his word. Usually the people that came up weren't very interesting: terrorist suspects, shady bankers, and people wanting to become agents.

But every once in a while someone would catch Tony's interest, first Banner a while back and now this Harry James Potter guy. Potter wouldn't have been that big of a deal, if it weren't for the fact that there was absolutely nothing known about him. His file contained nothing but a name, a low-resolution photo, and a few lines detailing suspicions of relation to a counterpart in London.

There isn't anything that produces those waves around here. It's kind of suspicious.

harry potter joins shield fanfiction

Tony just gave him an incredulous look. A couple of decades after the war, people started to realize that Harry wasn't aging. It wasn't a problem at first, but then as everyone started to get on with their lives, Harry couldn't.

reading my old harry potter fanfiction // THROWBACK THURSDAY

He would have some good days but mostly bad ones where he couldn't stop thinking about everyone he had lost and trying to think what if. Being surrounded by all the memories of his past and seeing his friends slowly move on didn't help.

Because Harry could recall every detail of the last battle with perfect clarity; they refused to fade. So Harry started his search for peace, traveling all over the globe in hopes of finding an answer. And he did in the form of talking to strangers on the streets and the little acts of kindness to those he would never meet again.

He still visited his friends once a year around Christmas and New Years to celebrate life and their survival. But time passed and his friends got older and older, and Harry attended their funerals one by one until they were all gone.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Your inner thoughts defenceless, the very essence of who you are stripped apart. If only Harry could stay conscious and stop the Horcrux within him from causing too much chaos. Includes Hogwarts. Very dark version of Deathly Hallows. Voldemort finds out. Another Voldemort figures out that Harry is a Horcrux in the graveyard fic, with Voldemort taking drastic action to keep his Horcrux safe, I've seen this idea before and have my own take on it.

Fair warning, this is a test chapter I'm not sure where I want to go with this and I hate my own writing style. But hey, can't improve if you don't practice right? Shenanigans ensue.

Bunnymort idea from windseeker Dumbledore thought he had everyone fooled when he took the Potter's youngest son to keep their focus on the "Boy-Who-Lived", but when you trust a half giant who can't even hold his liqueur to do a simple task, things are bound to mess up That faithful night, Harry was left on the doorstep of a broken woman named Celia Ann Foote, a American witch who along with the help of a cheerful House Elf, a artistic uncle and a warm grandmother raised him to be the man he was born to be After that night she adopted him as her own.

Harry James Potter was dead to the world. Or: Harry Potter runs away from home and takes refuge in an abandoned manor, inhabited solely by a strangely intelligent snake. Harry has had enough of the repeated abuse, the excuses, the yearly challenges. Voldemort had given the offer flippantly, purely meant as a distraction so he would have time to think of something better. He expected a rant about how the Golden Boy would never join someone like him, he expected a fight, he expected - something.

But what he got was the complete opposite.

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A year after this exchange Voldemort comes for him, finally ready to make good on his promise, Harry practically runs to him. But both are going to find their expectations of each other crushed as truths come to light and minipulations are revealed. Voldemort thought he finally had a foul-proof plan to end Harry Potter once and for all. Unfortunately, what was supposed to be his Plan B, if a simple Avada Kedavera wouldn't finish the job again, severely backfired on him thanks to the wand which should have made him invincible.

Now he's stuck in the middle of nowhere with a thirty-years-something Harry Potter, whilst he himself is stuck in his four-year-old body. Harry Potter is not a Potter.

During the summer after his fourth year the magic placed on him by his mother begins to fade. Instead of having killing curse eyes he has ocean blue colored eyes.

Two prophecies hunt after as he runs. One fake one real. Which is the true prophecy? I was going to have this be the beginning of Afterwards, but changed my mind. So here is basic idea of what I wanted and you can go from there. It is now May The Fates have spent the interim years working to move Harriet into a position of power in preparation for what is to come. An army stands ready to invade Earth with their General come to open the way but Harriet is a woman grown and a witch in her prime.

With allies old and new at her side she will stand against any threat.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Harry Potter is exiled from England after the war believed to be the next Dark Lord, without money or magic Harry is forced to become a prostitute to live. Years later he witnesses a gruesome murder and becomes a blip on the BAU's radar.

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Harry is tired of everything. All of the secrets, all of the lies. So, with the help of his three adopted fathers, he goes away without telling anyone else. A test a Gringotts had shown a relative in the United States, so he heads there and hopes for the best.

So what happens when he meets the BAU while they were coming back from a case? Affliction comes to us not to make us sad, but sober. Not to make us sorry, but wise - H. When the BAU team needed an in to meet the owner of an exclusive set of nightclubs that were the possible hunting grounds of a serial killer, they find him less than helpful in someways - and more than helpful in others.

After all, Harry Potter-Black takes the sanctity of his clubs very seriously. Cross posted on FF. When Spencer was sent to prison, she had been avoiding him so he didn't tell her about his imprisonment.

Cut to three months after being sent to prison, Elanor Muirigan Potter Black, Duchess of Godric's Hollow and Black Valley, finds out about his incarceration and decided to investigate herself. What exactly is Ella's past, and what did she mean in the interrogation?

Harry was more bored than a thirty-five-year-old should be. Of course, after an adolescence of chasing and being chased by a mass murderer in the wizarding world, who would expect anything less?Anonymous comments are disabled in this journal.

Your IP address will be recorded. Recommend this entry Has been recommended Send news. Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Facebook VKontakte Google. Previous Share Flag Next. What if? Summary: Sybil Trelawney made an earlier Prophecy. That once the trees are cut down, the water will wash the mountain away and the river be heavy with mud, and there will be a flood.

And we say that what he did to her he did to all of us. And that one act cannot be separated from another.

And had he seen more clearly, we say, he might have predicted his own death. How if the trees grew on the hillside there would be no flood. And you cannot divert this river. We say look how the water flows from this place and returns as rainfall, everything returns, we say, and one thing follows another, there are limits, we say, on what can be done and everything moves.

We are all a part of this motion, we say, and the way of the river is sacred, and this grove of trees is sacred, and we ourselves, we tell you, are sacred. He could remember screaming, "I'll see that you pay for this, Black!

The monster tore open his belly and started worrying at his entrails, growling happily. Severus floated, forcing himself to watch it gorging on his flesh. His resolve hardened. He blinked in confusion when a huge black dog galloped into the room and knocked the werewolf away from its meal.

The werewolf, turned, growling; the dog bristled in return. Then the animals started fighting viciously. The dog was much larger but the wolf more determined.

The wolf finally mangled the dog's left front leg badly enough that it backed off, whining. The whine sounded pleading; the wolf growled low in return.

The monster returned to Severus's body, lapping at the coagulating blood, still eying the intruder.

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